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Open Access Repository of Publication Records of the International Lab. CRIBs - Inserm, University of Rennes 1, Southeast University

HAL-CRIBs is an open access repository providing access to the publication outputs of the CRIBs

Directors : Lotfi Senhadji - Huazhong Shu

Research Themes:

  • Medical Interventional Imaging
  • Biophysical and Computational Modeling
  • Information Technologies for Health

Laboratoire International Associé "Centre de Recherche en Information Biomédicale sino-français" LIA-CRIBs, Université de Rennes 1, Campus de Beaulieu Bât 22, 35042 Cedex - Rennes - FRANCE

Laboratoire International Associé "Centre de Recherche en Information Biomédicale sino-français" LIA-CRIBs, Université du Sud-Est, Campus Sipailou, Nankin - CHINE

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Computed Tomography MRI Image segmentation Quaternion Endovascular interventions Image reconstruction Color image Moments Epilepsy Maximum a posteriori Direct volume rendering Pattern recognition Decimation in frequency Compressed-domain processing Image processing GPU Image registration Low-dose CT LDCT Discrete Hartley transform PET Wavelet transform Artifacts Feature extraction Backtracking Segmentation Prostate TRANSLATION Image recognition Quaternion discrete Fourier transform Guidewire simulation Expectation-maximization Compressed sensing Biomedical imaging Compression Joint diagonalization by congruence Image guided therapy Computational complexity Pattern classification Independent component analysis Causality Blind source separation HIFU Centerline 3D image registration Effective connectivity Imaging Low-dose CT Divergence measure Noise Modeling Discrete orthogonal moments Mesh simplification Level set Electroencephalography Computed tomography CT Entropy Optimization Moment invariants Radiotherapy Data mining Deep learning Lung cancer MAP Convolutional neural network Medical image processing Emission tomography LU factorization Dictionary learning Intensity-modulated radiation therapy Gaussian mixture model PCANet Scientific visualization Medical imaging Minimal path tracking Convolutional neural network CNN Fast computation Sliding algorithm MDCT Image denoising Classification Moment invariant Fast algorithms Gamma regularization Reconstruction Physiology-based model Angiography Image classification Conjugate symmetric sequency-ordered complex Hadamard transform Arimoto entropy Projection moments Algorithms Magnetic resonance spectroscopy Nonnegative joint diagonalization by congruence Convolutional neural networks 3D registration Mutual information Canonical polyadic decomposition Image analysis INVARIANTS Fast algorithm

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