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Slamming Glass transition temperature Elastoplasticity Arcan TCS device Tensylon® Image processing Civil engineering Global/local buckling Cisaillement circonférentiel Heat build-up Environmental degradation Damage mechanics Creep / mechanical relaxation Delamination Flow separation Fatigue life Assemblage collé Mechanical properties of adhesives Energy Entrainment Constitutive equations Kite Composite materials Heat dissipation Impact Matériaux composites Water entry Fracture Crash adhesive Finite element method Infrared thermography NiTi Acoustic emission FEA Yarn Assemblages collés Failure mode Dynamic mechanical analysis Epoxy Finite element analysis Experimental investigations Damage Mechanisms Crack propagation Cohesive zone model Damage Adhesive joints Anisotropy Hydroelastic effects Dynamic loading Ballistic protection Expérimental Compression testing Dynamic response Adhesive bonding Adhesives Forecasting Dynamic compression Composite structures Shape memory alloys Carbon nanotubes Woven composites Impact behavior Cracks Coupled criterion Finite element analysis FEA Critère couplé Composites Damage mechanisms 3D printing Laminates Polymer composites Second generation intact stability criteria Mechanical behavior Chromium coating Modeling Dynamic behavior Energy absorption Adhesion Endommagement ABAQUS High cycle fatigue Auto-échauffement Crushing Constant velocity Cavity flow Dynamics Epoxides Interfaces Polymer-matrix composites Dynamic properties Adhesively bonded Fluid-structure interaction Adhesive Bridled Kite Fatigue Buckling Fiber reinforced composites Arcan device Sandwich structures Mechanical properties Flambement