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Transmission electron microscopy Perovskite Cluster compounds KTN Photoluminescence Electrical properties Ferroélectriques Liquid crystals Ferroelectric thin films Nanoparticles Hyperfréquences Adsorption Thermal analysis Cyclic voltammetry B Electrical resistance and other electrical properties Rhenium Electrophoretic deposition B Magnetic properties Magnetic measurements Microstructure Magnetic materials Electronic structure DFT Electrical resistivity Magnetic entropy Magnetism Single-molecule magnets Bioactive glass Ligands Actinide alloys and compounds Microwave Bioactivity Couches minces Crystal growth Solid state NMR EXAFS Electrical transport Thin film Thermoelectric properties Behavior Chalcogenide Luminescence Dielectric properties Magnetic properties Phase transitions Thermal conductivity Crystal-structure Magnetocaloric effect Dysprosium Ab initio calculations Electronic band structure Chevrel phases Oxidative stress Intermetallics Supramolecular chemistry Cluster Nanomaterials Molybdenum Ceramics COMPLEXES In vitro assays Chemical synthesis Pulsed laser deposition Electrochemistry Hydrothermal synthesis Supramolecular Coordination polymers Manganites Clusters Molybdenum cluster Optical properties X-ray diffraction Density functional calculations Copper Ferroelectrics Magnetic-properties DFT calculations Heat capacity Biomaterials Defluoridation Chemical solution deposition Metal atom clusters Ferrimagnetism Polymers Lanthanides Hybrid materials Dispositifs reconfigurables Thin films Thermoelectric Photocatalysis Self-assembly Crystal structure Electrodes Hybrid material Epitaxial growth Perovskites Rare earth alloys and compounds Composite Metal clusters Ferroelectric materials

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