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hal-02320167v1  Poster communications
Jean-Yves FranceschiAymeric DieuleveutMartin Jaggi. Unsupervised Scalable Representation Learning for Multivariate Time Series
Thirty-third Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, Dec 2019, Vancouver, Canada. ⟨Curran Associates, Inc.⟩, 32, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems
hal-02318233v1  Conference papers
Étienne SimonVincent GuigueBenjamin Piwowarski. Unsupervised Information Extraction: Regularizing Discriminative Approaches with Relation Distribution Losses
ACL 2019 - 57th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, Jul 2019, Florence, Italy. pp.1378-1387, ⟨10.18653/v1/P19-1133⟩
hal-00753148v1  Conference papers
Julien GonyMatthieu CordSylvie Philipp-FoliguetPhilippe-Henri GosselinFrédéric Precioso et al.  RETIN: a smart interactive digital media retrieval system
ACM International Conference on Image and Video Retrieval, Jul 2007, Amsterdam, Netherlands. pp.93-96
hal-01905924v1  Conference papers
Thibault LaugelXavier RenardMarie-Jeanne LesotChristophe MarsalaMarcin Detyniecki. Defining Locality for Surrogates in Post-hoc Interpretablity
Workshop on Human Interpretability for Machine Learning (WHI) - International Conference on Machine Learning, 2018, Jul 2018, Stockholm, Sweden
hal-01905948v1  Conference papers
Xavier RenardThibault LaugelMarie-Jeanne LesotChristophe MarsalaMarcin Detyniecki. Detecting Potential Local Adversarial Examples for Human-Interpretable Defense
Workshop on Recent Advances in Adversarial Learning (Nemesis) of the European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles of Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML-PKDD), Sep 2018, Dublin, Ireland
hal-00520302v1  Conference papers
Philippe-Henri GosselinMatthieu CordSylvie Philipp-Foliguet. Kernel on Bags of Fuzzy Regions for fast object retrieval
ICIP 2007 - IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, Sep 2007, San Antonio, Texas, United States. pp.177-180, ⟨10.1109/ICIP.2007.4378920⟩
hal-00520303v1  Conference papers
Philippe-Henri GosselinMatthieu CordSylvie Philipp-Foliguet. Kernel on Bags for multi-object database retrieval.
ACM International Conference on Image and Video Retrieval, Jul 2007, Amsterdam, Netherlands. pp.226-231, ⟨10.1145/1282280.1282317⟩
hal-01994740v1  Conference papers
Michael BlotThomas RobertNicolas ThomeMatthieu Cord. SHADE: Information-Based Regularization for Deep Learning
ICIP 2018 - 25th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, Oct 2018, Athènes, Greece. pp.813-817, ⟨10.1109/ICIP.2018.8451092⟩
hal-01864391v1  Journal articles
Hamza AgliPhilippe BonnardChristophe GonzalesPierre-Henri Wuillemin. Inférence incrémentale pour les modèles probabilistes relationnels et application aux systèmes à base de règles orientés objet
Revue d'Intelligence Artificielle (RIA), 2018, Réseaux bayésiens et modèles probabilistes, 32 (1), pp.111-132
hal-01864394v1  Directions of work or proceedings
France. Revue d'Intelligence Artificielle (RIA), 32 (1), 2018
hal-01198407v1  Conference papers
Mohamed Amine BoukhaledJean-Gabriel Ganascia. Using Function Words for Authorship Attribution: Bag-Of-Words vs. Sequential Rules
The 11th International Workshop on Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Science, Oct 2014, Venice, Italy. pp.115-122, ⟨10.1515/9781501501289.115⟩
hal-01198413v1  Conference papers
Mohamed-Amine BoukhaledFrancesca FrontiniJean-Gabriel Ganascia. A Peculiarity-based Exploration of Syntactical Patterns: a Computational Study of Stylistics
Workshop on Interactions between Data Mining and Natural Language Processing DMNLP'15 ECML/PKDD 2015 Workshop, Sep 2015, Porto, Portugal. pp.31-40
hal-00832030v1  Journal articles
David PicardNicolas ThomeMatthieu Cord. JKernelMachines: A Simple Framework for Kernel Machines
Journal of Machine Learning Research, Microtome Publishing, 2013, 14, pp.1417-1421
hal-01329583v1  Conference papers
Matthieu HourbracqPierre-Henri WuilleminChristophe GonzalesPhilippe Baumard,. Real time learning of non-stationary processes with dynamic Bayesian Networks
16th International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems, IPMU 2016, Jun 2016, Eindhoven, Netherlands. pp.338-350, ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-40596-4_29⟩
hal-00336126v3  Journal articles
Alain LifchitzSandra Jhean-LaroseGuy Denhière. Effect of Tuned Parameters on a LSA Multiple Choice Questions Answering Model
Behavior Research Methods, Psychonomic Society, Inc, 2009, 41 (4), pp.1201--1209. ⟨10.3758/BRM.41.4.1201⟩
hal-01161126v1  Conference papers
Benoît MeudicEmmanuel Saint-James. Automatic extraction of approximate repetitions in polyphonic MIDI files based on perceptive criteria
International Symposium on Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval (CMMR 2003), May 2003, Montpellier, France. pp.124-142, ⟨10.1007/978-3-540-39900-1_13⟩
hal-01161136v1  Book sections
Olivier LartillotEmmanuel Saint-James. Automating Motivic Analysis through the Application of Perceptual Rules.
MIT Press; Walter B. Hewlett, Eleanor Selfridge-Field. Music Query: Methods, Models, and User Studies, 13, pp.73-92, 2004, Computing in Musicology, 0-262-58256-2
hal-01864389v1  Journal articles
Matthieu HourbracqPierre-Henri WuilleminChristophe GonzalesPhilippe Baumard. Apprentissage et sélection de réseaux bayésiens dynamiques pour les processus online non stationnaires
Revue d'Intelligence Artificielle (RIA), 2018, Réseaux bayésiens et modèles probabilistes, 32 (1), pp.75-109
hal-02007689v1  Journal articles
Sahal HousseinLionel Di MarcoCarole SchwebelVanda LuengoPatrice Morand et al.  Consequences of Switching to Blended Learning: The Grenoble Medical School Key Elements.
Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, IOS Press, 2019, 247, pp.356-360
hal-01593459v1  Conference papers
Maxime SangnierOlivier FercoqFlorence d'Alché-Buc. Data sparse nonparametric regression with epsilon-insensitive losses
9th Asian Conference on Machine Learning (ACML 2017), Nov 2017, Séoul, South Korea. pp.192-207
hal-00705374v1  Conference papers
David PicardNicolas ThomeMatthieu CordAlain Rakotomamonjy. Learning geometric combinations of Gaussian kernels with alternating Quasi-Newton algorithm
20th European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning, Apr 2012, Bruges, Belgium. pp.79-84
hal-01858403v1  Conference papers
Maria Virginia Ruiz CuevasNataliya SokolovskaPierre-Henri WuilleminJean-Daniel Zucker. Detecting Low-Complexity Confounders from Data
ICML / IJCAI / AAMAS FAIM'18 Workshop on CausalML, Jul 2018, Stockholm, Sweden
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