This collection in free access combines the publications deposited or indicated in HAL by the researchers and the teachers-researchers of Tempora (Rennes 2 University).

Tempora is a unit monosite of research in history with non-specialized vocation recognized by the MENESR as Team of Reception N 7468 and in service since January, 2017, areas of research of which are the following ones:

1. Sets of scales : of the premises in the global (resp.: Florian Mazel)

  • history, heritage and identities: the Breton laboratory
  • communities and construction of the network territories and the circuits of material and immaterial exchanges
  • Transnational stories

2. Steer and be governed (resp.: Pierre Karila-Cohen)

  • States and Churches: institutional cogs and agents
  • exercise of the authority and the supervision of the populations
  • dissidences, rebellions and repressions
  • wars and societies

3. Knowledges and sociocultural practices (resp.: Jean-Pierre Lethuillier)

  • practical learnings of the paper and the cultures of the book
  • genre, bodies
  • appearances and identities

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