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ujm-01179944v1  Conference papers
Arnaud CouaironVytautas JuknaC. MilianCord ArnoldSelcuk Akturk et al.  Filamentation with Bessel beams and Bessel vortices
ISUILS13, International Symposium on Ultrafast Intense Laser Science, Oct 2014, Jodhpur, India
ujm-01179915v1  Conference papers
Arnaud CouaironVytautas JuknaStefano MinardiOttavia JedrkiewiczM. Selva et al.  Laser energy deposition in glasses with Bessel beams
Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium, PIERS 2015, PIERS, Jul 2015, Pragues, Czech Republic
ujm-01016022v1  Conference papers
Vytautas JuknaTatiana ItinaArnaud CouaironFrançois CourvoisierRazvan Stoian. Simulation of ultrafast Bessel beams nonlinear stability regimes in interaction with materials
The 15th International Symposium on Laser Precision Microfabrication, LPM2014 Proceedings, Jun 2014, Vilnus, Lithuania
hal-01074858v1  Journal articles
Vytautas JuknaC MilianC. XieTatiana ItinaJ. Dudley et al.  Filamentation with nonlinear Bessel vortices
Optics Express, Optical Society of America, 2014, 22 (21), pp.25410. ⟨10.1364/OE.22.025410⟩
hal-01075323v1  Journal articles
Vytautas JuknaC XieC MiliánTatiana ItinaJ. Dudley et al.  Filamentation with nonlinear Bessel vortices
Optics Express, Optical Society of America, 2014, 22 (21), pp.25410-25425. ⟨10.1364/OE.22.025410⟩
ujm-01179845v1  Conference papers
Tatiana ItinaNikita ShcheblanovVytautas JuknaB. Chimier. Ultra-short laser induced electron excitation/relaxation kinetics
Multi-scale modelling of matter under extreme irradiation, CECAM, Jun 2015, Dublin, Ireland
ujm-01179953v1  Conference papers
Arnaud CouaironVytautas JuknaC. MilianCord ArnoldAndré Mysyrowicz et al.  Bessel beam propagation in transparent solids for micromachining applications : theory, simulations and experiments
The 5th International Symposium on Filamentation (COFIL2014), Sep 2014, Shanghai, China
ujm-01180007v1  Conference papers
François CourvoisierArnaud CouaironRazvan StoianTatiana ItinaJohn Michael Dudley. Femtosecond laser ablation with high angle Bessel and Bessel vortex beams
Advanced Laser Technologies, ALT 2014, http://www.altconference.org/alt14, Oct 2014, Cassis, France
ujm-01179794v1  Journal articles
Chen XieVytautas JuknaCarles MiliánRemo GiustIsmail Ouadghiri-Idrissi et al.  Tubular filamentation for laser material processing
Scientific Reports, Nature Publishing Group, 2015, 5 (8914), pp.8. ⟨10.1038/srep08914⟩