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hal-01773258v1  Journal articles
Patricia KrawczakJosé Pabiot. Acoustic emission applied to glass fibre/organic thermosetting matrix interface characterization
Applied Composite Materials, Springer Verlag (Germany), 1994, 1 (5), pp.373 - 386. ⟨10.1007/BF00568042⟩
hal-01773192v1  Journal articles
M. LevequeC. DouchainM. RguitiK. PrashanthaC. Courtois et al.  Vibrational energy-harvesting performance of bio-sourced flexible polyamide 11/layered silicate nanocomposite films
International Journal of Polymer Analysis and Characterization, Taylor & Francis, 2016, 22 (1), pp.72 - 82. ⟨10.1080/1023666X.2016.1233784⟩
hal-01777559v1  Conference papers
Patricia KrawczakJosé Pabiot. Fabrication technologies induced porosity and its influence on the mechanical behaviour of thermoset matrix composites
6th European Conference on Composite Materials (ECCM-6), Sep 1993, Bordeaux, France. pp.95-100
hal-01777555v1  Conference papers
Patricia KrawczakJosé Pabiot. Analysis of porosity in composite materials: Technological origins, measurement and influence on mechanical properties
6th Conference on Mechanics and Technology of Composite Materials, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Oct 1991, Sofia, Bulgaria. pp.18-21
hal-02006236v1  Conference papers
Clovis BerthelinKalappa PrashanthaMarie-France LacrampePatricia KrawczakFrançoise Berzin et al.  Water-assited extrusion compounding process to reduce the total Volatile organic compounds in natural fibre-filled composites for automotive interior applications
International Meeting «Exploring lignocellulosic biomass ELB 2018 - Challenges and opportunities for bioeconomy» (ELB-2018), Jun 2018, Reims, France
hal-01779760v1  Conference papers
Abderrahmane AyadiMarie-France LacrampePatricia Krawczak. Assessment of the elongational properties of HIPS membranes based on full-field strain measurements during positive thermoforming
12th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics, Aug 2017, Sheffield, United Kingdom
hal-01782324v1  Conference papers
Clément DuborperCédric SamuelCyril LouxMarie-France LacrampePatricia Krawczak. Influence of rheological characteristics on the morphology of chemically-foamed biobased polymers by single-screw extrusion
7th International Conference on Polymers and Moulds Innovations (PMI-2016), Sep 2016, Ghent, Belgium. pp.21-23
hal-02006272v1  Conference papers
Pierre BeauchenePatricia KrawczakChung-Hae ParkFlorence SaffarCamille Sonnenfeld. Out-of-autoclave manufacturing of carbon/PEKK composites: Influence of process parameters on the interlaminar consolidation
Congrès International SFIP “Les composites haute performance: De la petite série à la grande diffusion”, SFIP / CETIM / IRT Jules Verne / Technocampus Composites, Jun 2018, Nantes, France
hal-01886324v1  Journal articles
Patricia KrawczakMarie-France Lacrampe. Le recyclage des composites
IT Industrie & Technologies, 2018, n°1013, pp.57-64
hal-01773376v1  Book sections
Jeremie SoulestinKalappa PrashanthaMarie-France LacrampePatricia Krawczak. Chapter 4. Bioplastic based nanocomposites for packaging applications
Srikanth Pilla. Handbook of Bioplastics & Biocomposites Engineering Applications, Wiley-Scrivener, pp.77-120, 2011, 978-0470626078 ⟨10.1002/9781118203699.ch4⟩
hal-01773261v1  Journal articles
Patricia KrawczakJosé Pabiot. Fracture Mechanics Applied to Glass Fibre/Epoxy Matrix Interface Characterization
Journal of Composite Materials, SAGE Publications, 1995, 29 (17), pp.2230-2253. ⟨10.1177/002199839502901701⟩
hal-01773377v1  Book sections
Daniela RusuSéverine A.E. BoyerMarie-France LacrampePatricia Krawczak. Chapter 15. Bioplastics and vegetal fibre reinforced bioplastics in automotive applications
Srikanth Pilla. Handbook of Bioplastics & Biocomposites Engineering Applications, Wiley-Scrivener pp.397-448, 2011, 978-0470626078. ⟨10.1002/9781118203699.ch15⟩
hal-01782326v1  Conference papers
Jennifer Draou-RenouxJagadeesh DaniCatherine DouchainKalappa PrashanthaMarie-France Lacrampe et al.  Simultaneous plasticization and blending of isolated soy protein with poly(butylene succinate-co-adipate)
7th International Conference on Polymers and Moulds Innovations (PMI-2016), Sep 2016, Ghent, Belgium
hal-02006152v1  Conference papers
Pierre DucheneSalim ChakiPatricia Krawczak. Acousto-ultrasonic damage evaluation of carbon fibre composites using pencil lead break sources
18th European Conference on Composites Materials (ECCM18), Jun 2018, Athens, Greece
hal-01528799v1  Conference papers
Mohamed YousfiJeremie SoulestinMarie-France LacrampePatricia Krawczak. Self-reinforcement process of 100% thermoplastic composites by in-situ fibrillation
POLYMERIC MATERIALS AND THE TRANSPORT INDUSTRY A Key contribution to mobility and weight saving, SFIP-IMT Lille Douai-GPA, May 2017, DOUAI, France