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hal-01367526v1  Conference papers
Quyet H. CaoGiyyarpuram MadhusudanReza FarahbakhshNoel Crespi. Usage control for data handling in smart cities
GLOBECOM 2015 : IEEE Global Communications Conference, Dec 2015, San Diego, United States. pp.1 - 6, ⟨10.1109/GLOCOM.2015.7417270⟩
emse-01339122v1  Conference papers
Noorani BakerallyOlivier BoissierAntoine Zimmermann. Smart City Artifacts Web Portal
The Semantic Web - ESWC 2016 Satellite Events, May 2016, Heraklion, Greece. p172-177, ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-47602-5_34⟩
tel-01596001v1  Theses
Quyet Cao Huu. Policy-based usage control for trustworthy data sharing in smart cities
Networking and Internet Architecture [cs.NI]. Institut National des Télécommunications, 2017. English. ⟨NNT : 2017TELE0010⟩
hal-01348031v1  Conference papers
Quyet Cao HuuImran KhanReza FarahbakhshGiyyarpuram MadhusudanGyu Myoung Lee et al.  A trust model for data sharing in smart cities
ICC 2016 : IEEE International Conference on Communications : Communications for All Things, May 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. pp.1 - 7, ⟨10.1109/ICC.2016.7510834⟩
hal-01282874v1  Conference papers
Thouraya ToukabriAdel Mounir Sareh SaidEmad Mohamed Abd Elrahman AbousabeaHossam Afifi. Distributed D2D architecture for ITS services in advanced 4G networks
VTC Fall 2015 : IEEE 82nd Vehicular Technology Conference, Sep 2015, Boston, United States. pp.1 - 7, ⟨10.1109/VTCFall.2015.7390893⟩
hal-01700181v1  Conference papers
Ashish DandekarStéphane BressanTalel AbdessalemHuayu WuWee Siong Ng. Detecting Communities of Commuters: Graph Based Techniques Versus Generative Models
On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems (OTM-CoopIS 2016), Oct 2016, Rhodes, Greece. pp.485-502, ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-48472-3_29⟩
hal-01980919v1  Book sections
Félix Talvard. Can urban "miracles" be engineered in laboratories? Turning Medellin into a model city for the Global South
Claudio Coletta, Leighton Evans, Liam Heaphy and Rob Kitchin. Creating smart cities, Routledge, pp.62-75, 2018
hal-02292941v1  Journal articles
Patricia BaudierChantal AmmiMatthieu Deboeuf-Rouchon. Smart home : highly-educated students' acceptance
Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Elsevier, 2020, 153, pp.119355. ⟨10.1016/j.techfore.2018.06.043⟩
hal-02318697v1  Conference papers
Ngurah Indra ErKamal SinghJean-Marie Bonnin. CityView: A Vehicle Based Image and Data Collection for Smart Cities
WiMob 2019 : 15th IEEE International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications, Oct 2019, Barcelona, Spain. pp.1-7, ⟨10.1109/WiMOB.2019.8923547⟩
hal-01894540v2  Conference papers
Ngurah Indra ErKamal SinghJean-Marie Bonnin. Contact Strategy for VDTN Data Collection in Smart Cities
ICSGTEIS 2018 - International Conference on Smart-Green Technology in Electrical and Information Systems, Oct 2018, Bali, Indonesia. pp.61-64, ⟨10.1109/ICSGTEIS.2018.8709131⟩
hal-01894719v2  Conference papers
Ngurah Indra ErKamal SinghJean-Marie Bonnin. DC4LED: A Hierarchical VDTN Routing for Data Collection in Smart Cities
CCNC 2019 - 16th IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference, Jan 2019, Las Vegas, United States. pp.883-886, ⟨10.1109/CCNC.2019.8651757⟩
hal-01809063v1  Conference papers
Ngurah Indra ErKamal SinghJean-Marie Bonnin. On the Performance of VDTN Routing Protocols with V2X Communications for Data Delivery in Smart Cities
IWSSS 2017 - 2nd International Workshop on Smart Sensing Systems, Aug 2017, Oulu, Finland. pp.1-2
hal-02303247v2  Conference papers
Nabil KadjouhAhcène BounceurAbdelkamel TariLoïc LagadecReinhardt Euler et al.  A New Leader Election Algorithm based on the WBS Algorithm Dedicated to Smart-cities
3rd International Conference on Future Networks and Distributed Systems (ICFNDS '19), Jul 2019, Paris, France. pp.1-5, ⟨10.1145/3341325.3342014⟩
hal-02097733v1  Journal articles
Carles GomezStefano ChessaAnthony FleuryGeorge RoussosDavy Preuveneers. Internet of Things for enabling smart environments: A technology-centric perspective
JAISE - Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments, IOS Press, 2019, 11 (1), pp.23-43. ⟨10.3233/AIS-180509⟩
hal-02335898v1  Conference papers
Olfa ChourabiImed BoughzalaDaniel Lang. Learning Information system consulting through the serious game CityOne
AMCIS 2018 : 24th Americas Conference on Information Systems, Aug 2018, New Orleans, United States
tel-02500640v1  Theses
Yasir Saleem Shaikh. Privacy preserving internet of things recommender systems for smart cities
Networking and Internet Architecture [cs.NI]. Institut Polytechnique de Paris, 2020. English. ⟨NNT : 2020IPPAS001⟩
hal-01988425v1  Conference papers
Yasir Saleem ShaikhNoel Crespi. Mapping of sensor and route coordinates for smart cities
COMPSAC 2018: 42nd Annual Computer Software and Applications Conference, Jul 2018, Tokyo, Japan. pp.570 - 576, ⟨10.1109/COMPSAC.2018.00087⟩
hal-02513929v1  Conference papers
Gwenaelle CarfantanFlorian DanielLaurent D'orazioTrung-Dung LeXavier Marin et al.  Think Cities: the accelerator for sustainable planning
International Workshop on Data-Driven Smart Cities (DASC@ICDE), Apr 2020, Dallas, United States
hal-02286345v1  Conference papers
Sébastien FayeClaude ChaudetIsabelle Demeure. A Distributed Algorithm for Adaptive Traffic Lights Control in Wireless Sensor Networks
15th International IEEE Annual Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Sep 2012, Anchorage, United States. pp.13-18
hal-01372772v1  Conference papers
Zaineb LiouaneTayeb LemloumaPhilippe RooseFrédéric WeisMessaoud Hassani. A Genetic–based Localization Algorithm for Elderly People in Smart Cities
14th ACM International Symposium on Mobility Management and Wireless Access, Nov 2016, Malta, Malta
hal-01912338v1  Conference papers
Jamal El HachemZi Yang PangVanea ChiprianovAli BabarPhilippe Aniorte. Model Driven Software Security Architecture of Systems-of-Systems
23rd Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference, APSEC 2016, Hamilton, New Zealand, December 6-9, 2016, Dec 2016, Hamilton, New Zealand. pp.89-96, ⟨10.1109/APSEC.2016.023⟩
hal-02953366v1  Journal articles
Claudine Guerrier. Cyber sécurité et entreprises de villes intelligentes
Management des technologies organisationnelles, Presses des Mines, 2020, MTO 10. Smart Cities et nouvelles formes d’entreprises, 10, pp.159-172
hal-02439325v1  Conference papers
Zaineb LiouaneTayeb LemloumaPhilippe RooseFrédéric WeisHassani Messaoud. A Genetic -based Localization Algorithm for Elderly People in Smart Cities
International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications (ISDA), Nov 2016, Porto, Portugal. pp.83-89, ⟨10.1145/2989250.2989269⟩