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emse-00854207v1  Journal articles
Dion KhodagholyJonathan RivnayMichele SessoloMoshe GurfinkelPierre Leleux et al.  High Transconductance Organic Electrochemical Transistors
Nature Communications, Nature Publishing Group, 2013, pp.4, 2133
emse-00854071v1  Journal articles
Dion KhodagholyThomas DoubletPascale QuilichiniMoshe GurfinkelPierre Leleux et al.  In vivo recordings of brain activity using organic transistors
Nature Communications, Nature Publishing Group, 2013, pp.4, 1575
lirmm-01285152v1  Journal articles
Mathieu CarboneYannick TegliaGilles R. DucharmePhilippe Maurine. Mutual information analysis: higher-order statistical moments, efficiency and efficacy
Journal of Cryptographic Engineering, Springer, 2017, Journal of Cryptographic Engineering, 7 (1), pp.1-17. ⟨10.1007/s13389-016-0123-8⟩
hal-00772613v1  Conference papers
Thomas ChabrierArnaud Tisserand. On-the-Fly Multi-Base Recoding for ECC Scalar Multiplication without Pre-Computations
ARITH - 21st IEEE International Symposium on Computer Arithmetic, Apr 2013, Austin, TX, United States. pp.219-228, ⟨10.1109/ARITH.2013.17⟩
emse-01227286v1  Conference papers
Marc LacrucheNicolas BorrelClément ChampeixC. RoscianA. Sarafianos et al.  Laser Fault Injection into SRAM cells: Picosecond versus Nanosecond pulses
On-Line Testing Symposium (IOLTS), 2015 IEEE 21st International, Jul 2015, Halkidiki, France. ⟨10.1109/IOLTS.2015.7229820⟩
hal-01853228v1  Conference papers
Justine GontierCarlos Hervas GarciaJoël Bordeneuve-GuibéChristine Espinosa. CANSAT: Multiphysical experimental design of a probe come-back mission
64th IAC - International Astronautical Congress, Sep 2013, Beijing, China. pp.0
emse-01099037v1  Conference papers
Sébastien OrdasLudovic Guillaume-SageKarim TobichJean-Max DutertrePhilippe Maurine. Evidence of a larger EM-induced fault model
CARDIS: Smart Card Research and Advanced Applications, Nov 2014, Paris, France. pp.245-259, ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-16763-3_15⟩
hal-01855795v1  Conference papers
Loïc ZussaIngrid ExurvilleJean-Max DutertreJean-Baptiste RigaudBruno Robisson et al.  Evidence of an information leakage between logically independent blocks
Second Workshop on Cryptography and Security in Computing Systems (CS2'2015), Jan 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands. pp.25, ⟨10.1145/2694805.2694810⟩
emse-01855833v1  Conference papers
Clément ChampeixJean-Max DutertreVincent PougetBruno RobissonMathieu Lisart et al.  Laser testing of a double-access BBICS architecture with improved SEE detection capabilities
2016 16th European Conference on Radiation and its Effects on Components and Systems (RADECS), Sep 2016, Bremen, Germany. ⟨10.1109/RADECS.2016.8093172⟩
emse-01855866v1  Conference papers
Marc LacrucheNoemie Beringuier-BoherJean-Max DutertreJean-Baptiste RigaudEdith Kussener. On the Use of Forward Body Biasing to Decrease the Repeatability of Laser-Induced Faults
2016 Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition (DATE), Mar 2016, Dresde, Germany
tel-00554668v1  Theses
Shafqat Khan. Development of high performance hardware architectures for multimedia applications
Micro and nanotechnologies/Microelectronics. Université Rennes 1, 2010. English
lirmm-00607868v1  Conference papers
Philippe MaurineFrançois PoucheretKarim TobichMathieu LisartBruno Robisson et al.  Local and Direct Power Injection on CMOS Integrated Circuits
FDTC'2011: Fault Diagnosis and Tolerance in Cryptography, Sep 2011, Nara, Japan. pp.100-104, ⟨10.1109/FDTC.2011.18⟩
hal-00389255v1  Conference papers
Virginie NazabalFrederic CharpentierPatrice CamyJean-Louis DoualanBruno Bureau et al.  Rare-earth doped chalcogenide optical waveguide in near and mid-IR for optical potential application
12th International Conference on the Physics of Non-Crystalline Solids (PNCS XII), Sep 2009, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil
hal-00183334v1  Conference papers
Norbert ValverdeAnne-Lise CourbisJean-François SantucciAndrzej Rucinski. SPECIAL : a Specification Language for Generation of VHDL Behavioral descriptions
Proceedings of the Third Annual Test Workshop 1994, 1994, Lowell, United States
hal-00184933v1  Conference papers
Norbert ValverdeAnne-Lise CourbisJean-François SantucciAndrzej Rucinski. SPECIAL : a Specification Language for Generation of VHDL Behavioral Descriptions
3rd Annual Atlantic Test Workshop - ATW '94, 1994, Nimes, France. pp. a-1-a-4
hal-00177987v1  Conference papers
Anne-Lise CourbisJean-François Santucci. Pseudo-random behavioral ATPG
Fifth Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI (GLSVLSI'95), 1995, Buffalo, United States. pp. 192-195, ⟨10.1109/GLSV.1995.516051⟩
hal-00178660v1  Conference papers
Loic VandevanterJean-François Santucci. Speeding up test pattern generation from behavioral VHDL descriptions containing several processes
European Design Automation Conference 1994, 1994, Grenoble, France. pp. 632 - 637