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Welcome in the Calbinotox collection

The Calbinotox team (Food Compounds: Biofunctionalities and Neurotoxic Risks) has expertise in neuroscience, neurotoxicity, biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, cell biology, histology and food science.

The objective of its project is (i) to study the impact of various food compounds on the health (especially the brain target) of the consumer in order to generate indicators / strategies of prediction and (ii) to design, by reverse engineering, foods adapted to different populations (personalized nutrition) that maximize the positive effects while minimizing or remedying adverse health effects.

The Calbinotox project is divided into 3 parts:

    - Characterization and prediction of the effects of ingredients and chemical contaminants contained in food on brain functions. Regarding chemical contaminants, the team focuses on the neurotoxicity in the peri-natal period of low doses of pollutants contaminating food;
    - Use of the beneficial effects of ingredients to reduce / counteract the neurotoxic effects induced by chemical components or contaminants in the diet;
    - Functional food design by reverse engineering for the benefit of brain function.

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